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MVP Solutions Design & Implementation

XpertLink is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their first MVP platform and reach markets faster and better, while they can focus on business aspects such as sourcing, pricing and so on.

MVP Plan & Design

Process Requirements into Detailed Specifications, Lead Technology Selection, Branding & Visual Design

Complete Implementation

Outsourced Web and Mobile MVPs implemented by a cost-effective, professional and trustable teams

Getting the First Customer

Effective launch based on a fully prepared digital content including write-ups and visual design, optimised for conversion

Why XpertLink

We go way beyond an
ordinary Web Site.

Get a complete, fully programmed solution.

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My Tech Notes

Blockchain and the Future of Serialization

This is a summary of the topic “Blockchain as the basis of Serialisation” I had presented at the recent AIPIA Amsterdam 2017 (Smart Packaging Conference). The post includes an embedded slide-set followed by presenter notes shedding light on to some of the more challenging aspects of the topic.

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My Tech Notes

Serialisation versus Pattern-based Authentication

Two Dominant Approaches Anti-counterfeiting solutions are being developed and perfected for more than a decade, in a constant attempt to defeat new generations of counterfeiters. Diverse techniques, some of which are patented are used to detect fake products and defend manufacturers.

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