Product and Project Management Services

I help businesses launch and grow their first product

In XpertLink I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their first entry into new, challenging markets.
I specialise in products based on digital technologies, software and hardware, implemented by an outsourced team custom-built per case.

Project Analysis & Planning​

  • Your Idea is translated into Requirements & Detailed Specifications
  • Business implications are analysed. A full Business Plan is developed, if needed
  • Plan is verified against preset budget
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A Complete Implementation

  • POC or MVP, Web or Mobile, Cloud and /or Real World Device
  • Implemented by a cost-conscious, fully or partially outsourced team​
  • Plan is verified against preset budget

Customers' Targeting

  • Launch plan is developed based on a high-quality Digital Content Deck
  • Deck including write-ups, Landing page or a complete Website, Email and Social Media tools
  • In-house or sub-contracted implementation plan
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Why XpertLink for the Web

Web Projects:
Beyond an Ordinary Web Site

Not just a nice poster - let XpertLink implement an advanced application, linked to an exciting 3rd party service or to the physical world, and get actual work done.


Multiple Projects

Authentication Solutions

Next-generation authorisation methods: AI-based, NFC, and other combinations of hardware & software, including integration with Blockchain infrastructure.

Sample Project
Multiple Projects

Advanced eCommerce

Advanced Integrations of back-end technologies, sophisticated Drop-Shipping, AI technology used to optimise eCommerce and Online-Offline links

Sample project

IoT and Robotics

IoT devices & applications,
AI-driven Motion Robotics (hardware and software),
AI-based path-routing,
decision-taking optimisations

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